Global Goals, Regional Collaboration, and Local Initiatives

Live Green Connecticut
Since 2008, Live Green Connecticut has attracted over 20,000 people to over 200 conferences, festivals, networking events, workshops and expos, producing over one million media impressions and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lead generation. We have worked with over 300 local, regional, national and international non-profits and businesses to help foster a marketplace for sustainable products, programs and community driven initiatives.

In partnership with municipal leaders, businesses, environmental organizations, houses of worship, civic groups, universities, and community members, we are cultivating the world class Sustainable Development Goals Network that connects the Global Goals to local initiatives through regional collaboration. Live Green Connecticut provides a structure to support the Global connecting people to what matters most to them, at conferences/events, by providing in-person and online training, providing an online learning community, and driving measurable, metric-driven programs that are developed and completed in collaboration with our diverse team of local, regional and national partners.