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About: Nip it in the Bin/Don't Trash Connecticut

“Nip it in the Bin – Don't Trash Connecticut” 


Three Tiers for Connecticut, a new, not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization representing the three tiers of the wine and spirits industry — bottlers, wholesalers, Connecticut’s package store retailers  — and Live Green, a 501 (c) (3) based in Norwalk, CT  have come together to support  a 5 year initiative, “Nip it in the Bin—Don’t Trash Connecticut. The goal of the initiative is to support trash-free roadsides, waterways and public spaces throughout the state. 

This five-year, five-part campaign consists of: 

  1. Community activations: Community-based litter cleanups, throughout the state. 
  2. Education: A point-of-sale education campaign in Connecticut package stores that focuses on litter eradication and responsible disposal—especially of wine and spirits containers, including the 50 ml “nip” bottles. Educational information about the dangers and cost of litter provided to activation volunteers and community stakeholders.
  3. Follow-up/AccoutabilityLitter audit report and executive summary provided to the Director of Public Works, Economic and Community Development Director, Chamber of Commerce, Task Force and Mayor/First Selectperson.
  4. Sustainable Connecticut: Nip it in the Bin – Don't Trash Connecticut activation events qualify for Sustainable CT Action 7: Strategic and Inclusive Public Services and is worth 5 points. Live Green is able to provide all of the necessary data for. the report.
  5. Public space stewardship: For each of the five years of the program, Three Tiers will purchase and place numerous disposal bins in public locations, chosen in collaboration with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), to help thwart litter of all types.


October 20, 2 019, Veterans Park, Norwalk, CT 

November 10, 2019, Morris Park, 45 Morris Avenue, West Haven, CT 


800+ pounds of litter collected