Regional Conference for Sustainable Development 2018 to be hosted at Grace Farms

In alignment with the Paris Agreement, the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, join Live Green Connecticut at Grace Farms for the unprecedented Regional Conference on Sustainable Development featuring global leaders, regional initiatives, local sustainability heroes and the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals Network.

Why Connecticut Needs ZERO WASTE SCHOOLS and How to Become One

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection,

"The past decade has seen significant changes in the state’s materials management system, including new recycling mandates, new product stewardship programs, and changes in the economics of waste-to-energy and recycling. " The Live Green CT Zero Waste School Program is aimed at supporting the state’s goal of 60 percent diversion from disposal by 2024.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Zero Waste School by contacting us for a complimentary evaluation.

Regional Sustainability Conference: February 7, 2018: Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT. Request for Abstracts to Begin 10/31/17

Join business, community, non-profit, faith-based and governmental leaders, for a day of learning, exchange of ideas and solutions. We will be taking a close look at GLOBAL ISSUES and becoming engaged in the many ways we are already acting locally, and how we can step up those efforts with regional  collaboration.

The morning session will embrace global ideas and challenges. The afternoon session will focus on local projects that support Sustainable Development Goals. Submit your abstract for consideration.

The Eight Key Initiatives That Will Transform Our Communities

1.) Neighbor Haven

2.) Zero Waste Schools - There is No "Away"

3.) Ban the Bag

4.) Mini Meadows

5.) Home Energy Solutions/Go Solar

6.) Drive Electric

7.) Managing Materials Program

8.) Annual Community Green Event

Invite us to present the 8 Key Sustainability Initiatives  to your organization and become part of the solution.

The International Conference of Sustainable Development, Columbia University

Daphne Dixon, Executive Director of Live Green and Dr. Floyd Lapp, FAICP, Live Green Advisor, and Adjunct Professor in Urban Planning at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation presenting "The 8 Sustainability Initiatives of Smart Communities" at the International Conference of Sustainable Development, Columbia University

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