Start in Your Own Front Yard is a Pilot Program taking place in Fairfield, CT from April 2018 - August 2018. The goal is to create a program that can be taken to neighborhoods across the region to help strengthen communities and share information that helps everyone. Please help us create this program and share your knowledge with others.

Schedule of events:

April 22, Gould Manor Park, Fairfield

May 20, Gould Manor Park, Fairfield

June 24, Gould Manor Park, Fairfield

July 22, Sherman Green, Fairfield

August - To be announced


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Action Steps

  • Engage 100 community members
  • Engagement with relevant town departments
  • Create a culture of conservation in the park
  • Ongoing community engagement
  • Eliminate all litter from park
  • Identify ongoing litter issues
  • Complete 5 litter clean-ups
  • Complete detailed litter audits
  • Work with town transfer station for proper recycling of litter
  • Identify recycling/materials management partners
  • Identify sources of litter
  • Provide litter education
  • Provide secondary education on composting
  • Responsible management of all litter collected
  • Engagement with local business community
  • Engagement with local organizations
  • Recognition and thank you event
  • Facility recommendations
  • Product Stewardship outreach
  • Start in Your Own Front Yard Presentation
  • Start in Your Own Front Yard Community Playbook
  • Start in Your Own Front Yard Employee Engagement Playbook