WHEN WE JOIN TOGETHER, WE WILL TRANSFORM THE WORLD. Do you want to make a difference in your community as well as be a part of the global movement to create a more sustainable world? Many of us are feeling a calling to participate in protecting the planet and working on climate change issues. But sometimes it is difficult to know where to start and sometimes the information is overwhelming. There are so many choices, levels  and ways of looking at sustainability, it’s hard sometimes to know what to do first and/or what area to start in. We feel the pull to lLive Green and want to have a more sustainable world, Do we begin at home? At work? It’s difficult sometimes to take action or know where to turn to, because it can feel like individual actions aren’t enough. With so many choices, and limited time and financial constraints, we sometimes aren’t sure of how to contribute. We are here to tell you that what you do does make a difference and whether you can see it or not, your actions have a ripple effect that influences thousand of people and their choices and behaviors.And collectively, we can change the world. What you do does make a difference. And for those who are already deeply committed to this effort, how Do we keep moving forward to get to the next level and the next challenge? How can we learn from eau other and share our knowledge with those who need it most? We invite you to be a founding member of the Live Green Network and help us create a valuable resource that will help us all. The goal for  Live Green Network is for the members to have access to a wide variety of local programs, projects and initiatives with short term, mid term and long term commitment options, across a wide spectrum of sustainability issues that all support the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Join us today, gain full access to programs, projects, initiatives and resources and become a part of a community that encourages us all to Live Green. We are striving to put together a network of people who collaborate to create and support local, regional and national sustainability. You will be able to learn how to engage in a wide range of sustainability activities and experts you can talk with about getting involved or just getting information.You will also have access to offers and discounts from green and sustainable businesses. Studies show that for us to have a real impact, we only need 5% of the each community to join the network. When communities reach that level, there is enough momentum to change the entire culture of the community. Although the Live Green Network is open to everyone, Our first measurable goal  is to engage 5%/of Fairfield County, CT,which is roughly 50,000 people.   Live Green Network – Strategy to each 50,000 members Mission: Integration of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, from the 2015 Paris Treaty that world leaders agreed to, into all sectors of communities by creating the Live Green Network of people who are connected to each other online and in person, and participate in and support local action, initiatives, and projects that support the 17 global goals.   Stage 1: Start in Your Own Front Yard Pilot Outreach Program – Fairfield CT
  • Conduct 5 litter clean-ups in cooperation with the town, local businesses and organizations for litter clean-ups and litter source reduction.
  • Supports the Sustainable CT Rating Program and provides 5 points to Strategic and Inclusive Public Services – 7.1 Hold a Sustainability Event
  • Provides information on Connecticut’s State’s Solid Waste Management Plan – Comprehensive Material Management Strategy) that calls for reducing, reusing and recycling 60% of our waste stream by 2024.
  • Builds an engaged network of people and businesses who have shared values and work together on projects & initiatives that support SDGs.
Pilot Program in Fairfield Highlights
  • Enrollment of 3,000 people / 5% of the population and 100 businesses into the Live Green Network
  • Ongoing communication/engagement between all network members
  • A complete Start In Your Own Front Yard report, with litter audit, recommendations, completed by August 25 and shared with Al Gore at the Climate Realty Conference in Los Angeles from August 28 – 30
  • Lead generation and promotion of participating businesses
Next Steps:
  • Scale programs across Fairfield County
  • Engage 50,000 people in the Live Green Network for ongoing initiatives
  • Develop additional local programs that support the 17 gllobal SDGs
Strategic Partners
  • Develop strong relationships with local, regional, & national businesses and organizations that support the growth of the Live Green Network
      Please contact Daphne at 203 536 – 4695 for any specific questions.